5 Best Fonts to Use for Your Neon Sign

Whether it’s an inside joke, a quote you live your life by, or the perfect gift for someone close to your heart, the neon sign you create must always demonstrate that fabulous personality of yours, while delivering the message cohesively. With that in mind, for obvious reasons, fonts will always play a major role in your custom neon sign. It doesn’t matter if your neon lighting is for the bedroom, bathroom, office, bar, or cafe, encapsulating your style with the perfectly themed font will draw eyes to anyone entering!
The 5 fonts below offer inspiring ideas that will guarantee to spark your creative shine when designing your own here! 


1. Signature

Onto Bigger things

Our Signature font allows for a variety of themes to be implemented when creating your custom neon. Our team at Neon Icons sees this font as the perfect fit for  an inspirational quote, or something unique to a well-designed coffee shop! Try it out with your quote in mind to create a captivating and cool neon sign. Pair this font with a floral background or a light wall behind it to create the vibrance your room or business deserves.



Always Gaming

The perfect font for any bar neon sign or arcade room as it will be sure to bring back warm feelings and memories of childhood, while keeping it fresh and unique! We’d argue that with the right wording, this font brings a feeling of vintage for your neon sign. Pair this neon sign font with a room that is full of colour and vintage colours to create that perfect blend of modernity and vintage.


3. Too Late


The modern font so clearly associated with a world-renowned artist will be sure to draw eyes to your custom neon light, whether this neon lighting is for your room or neon art for your business! Pair this font with a room that is hip and drives lots of traffic from music enthusiasts, making this the perfect conversation starter upon first glance of your custom neon light.


4. Minimal

Focus on what matters

This minimal, yet instantly captivating font is perfect for delivering the exact message you wish to convey. The perfect neon art for a quote or a single word light.


5. Neon

Music is life

This font will, without a doubt, derive an uplifting mood when seen. Imagine the Neon font on a wall above your entertainment area, or at the hippest nightclub in town. A custom neon sign using this font will not be left unnoticed, that’s for sure.

Designing your custom neon sign with your name and personality written all over it doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but rather something exciting, enjoyable, and extremely straight forward. 

Which font would you go for with your next custom neon light? Is there one you prefer more that’s not on the list? Comment below or tag us on Instagram @neoniconsofficial .

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