In the current competitive landscape we are living in, promoting your business and winning clients over your competition is a difficult task. Or is it? Thanks to the modern day and age we live in now, new and cheaper technologies are consistently being innovated to allow YOU to stay on top of trends and be seen without breaking the bank! The trend for 2020 is all things NEON, so let us tell you a little bit about how Neon Flex Lighting can be a crucial part to running a successful business!


Maximal Visibility

Although neon signs have been in fashion for a better part of a century, trends show that 2020 is THE year for neon signage in store-front locations. Not only do neon signs add a certain aesthetic and vibe to your shop, but they play a massive role in social media awareness and FREE word-of-mouth advertising!

Customers have an abundance of choice when it comes to picking the right restaurant, hair salon, nail salon, or any other service/product shop, so what it really comes down to is the reviews associated with your location, design, and whether its “instagramable” or “snapchatable”.

By allowing people to express their creative freedom and take beautiful photos where they are spending time, word-of-mouth awareness begins to play into effect and that person’s social network is automatically exposed to your store-front!

With that in mind, it practically feels like a no-brainer to own neon signage as a business, right? Correct. The exposure you receive from neon signage both from potential customers checking out your store-front and from social media can be worth tremendous value for long term retention.



We are all aware that signage and branding can cost A LOT, especially when it comes to neon signs. Traditionally, neon signs made of glass are both expensive and fragile, but as technology advances, new, more reliable, and cost-effective solutions surface. Neon Flex technology has been created for those who are looking for reliability, safety, and a cost-effectiveness. The use of LED in your neon sign will significantly reduce your electricity bill, as well as offer equally, if not more beautiful signage at the fraction of the cost. Sounds like a dream right? We think so too.

Unsure of how much your fully-custom neon sign will cost? Click Here, and let us help you reposition your brand.

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